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Empathy: Next Level Content Development Skill

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the role of empathy in content development. In my experience, the most impactful trainings have been developed from the starting point of empathy. My first training role was developing the technical onboarding program for Support after being promoted from the Support Engineer role. The program decreased the onboarding time byContinue reading “Empathy: Next Level Content Development Skill”

Instructional Design Practicum

Recently, I finished my “e-Learning Instructional Design and Development” certificate from Oregon State University (OSU)! The experience I gained from the multi-course program was extremely beneficial and relevant to my job. Below are a few highlights from the program. Understanding traditional learning theories has helped me design better trainings at work. Learning about Learning ManagementContinue reading “Instructional Design Practicum”

How to Install DC/OS

If you are interested in learning more about the installation process of DC/OS you should evaluate the advanced installation method. The advanced install method exposes all the available configuration options in DC/OS, is the method you would use to automate the process, and is used for setting production clusters. This guide, I created for Mesosphere,Continue reading “How to Install DC/OS”

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