Design Document Example

Topic analysis. How and why did you choose the topic? #Example: Needs analysis indicates a gap in user knowledge, link to needs analysis. 
Research. Add links to any research on the topic that you found helpful. You many want to refer to them in the prerequisites or review them again. #Example: Documentation, links to demos, or notes from meetings.
Audience Analysis. Who is the end user? What is their job function and why do they need to take this course? What type of environment will they be working in while taking this course? This can help you create the introduction.  #Example: A systems administrator who needs to understand who to install and configure new software. They work is interrupt driven and they usually have no more than 30 free minutes consecutively.  
Course Difficulty. The audience analysis can help you select a difficulty level. How much experience will the end user have before enrolling in the course? Identifying the difficulty level will help scope the level of details within the course. # Example: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Course Creation Tools. List the tools you need to create the course.  This will help you scope the work and know when to ask for assistance. #Example: QuickTime, iMovie, Vagrant, two CentOS 6 servers.
User tools and technology. What technologies and tools will the users need to complete the course? This can be part of a prerequisites section. #Example: Vagrant, two CentOS 6 servers.
Main Goal. What is the main take away of the course? #Example: The end user will be able to confidently use X software.
Specific goals. There should be at least two specific goals. What specific tasks will the user complete in this course to reach the main goal? #Example: 1) Install X software on two servers. 2) Configure X software on each server 3) Enable X software on both servers to communicate with each other.
Learner Assessment: How will success be measured during and after the course? #Example: Knowledge checks, performance review.

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