Rapid-Development of Video Content

I am ecstatic to be posting my first video tutorial! The creation of the video had two purposes:

  1. Experiment with rapid-development of video content.
  2. Create a technical, intro video for Linux command line.

I have some experience producing video content, but I wanted to try a rapid-development approach. From start to finish, I spent about 2 hours making the tutorial. My goal was to write a quick script, create just a few slides, and record the audio and demo in one take! I also wanted to use free tools that were are easily accessible. Here is a breakdown of the tools I used:

  • For the development of the tutorial I used Google Documents.
  • The slides were also Google Slides without a template.
  • To record audio and screen capture I used Quicktime.
  • Then to put the pieces together and do some quick edits I used iMovie.

The tutorial was created for individuals who are completely new to Linux. The goal was to give them the basic tool set to start exploring a Linux server.


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